In the Moment Pastel

In the Moment

Pastel on Matte Board; 40”wx32”h; SOLD



Acrylic on Canvas; 10”wx8”h; SOLD

Making Waves

Woodcut Print on Wasabi paper; 12″w x 9″h; SOLD

These art pieces are aimed at capturing the energy of the individual, beyond pure replication. Using layering art effects and intriguing settings, I hope to achieve an expanded reflection of who they are.

Scroll down to see works that include Acrylic Paintings, Pastels, Woodcut Print & Digital Art.

I am also available for portraits as commissions. If you’re interested, please send me an email.


Call Me Mister

Acrylic on Canvas; 18″w x 24″h; SOLD


Acrylic on Canvas; 24”wx36”h; SOLD

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