CAREGIVERS Fluid Acrylic Paintings

Poppies in an Open Field


Fluid Acrylic on Paper; 22”wx30”h NOT FOR SALE
These works examine the evolution experienced by children, when coping with the illness of a grand-parent. With their naturalness, gentleness and courage, children are often able to lend much strength to the surrounding adults. The kids end up playing the unusual role of hero. These paintings use delicate layers of colour and texture, as well as dramatic contrasts in light, to call attention to the encouraging and remarkable growth and power of children bearing witness to disease. What’s more, I hope my works will lend encouragement to those directly experiencing illness. . .
Touch Acrylic Painting showing the power of touch


Fluid Acrylic on Paper; 20”w x 16”h NOT FOR SALE
Adjustments made when coping with dementia


Fluid Acrylic on Paper; 30”wx20”h NOT FOR SALE
Assistance to someone with dementia


Fluid Acrylic on Paper; 30”wx20”h NOT FOR SALE

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