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Graphic art and fine art work in harmony to produce illuminating images.

DESIGN Portfolio

Dynamic graphic art fosters smart brands and communicates compelling messages.

ART Portfolio

Expressive fine art layers paint, pastels and papers to reveal unique pieces.

What’s New?

NEW Children's Book I Smile For Grandpa

Collaborating with Dementia Care Expert, Jaclyn Guenette, I have created another children’s book aimed at explaining dementia diseases to children, “I Smile For Grandpa”. This heartwarming story is aimed at children aged 3 to 7 years old. Plus the book also includes tip for talking to kids and a helpful Q &A.

Weeds in Nana's Garden is now available in Multiple Languages.

A Silver Medalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards,  a 2nd Place Winner in the Authors Talk About It Book Awards and an Amazon Best-seller, this heartfelt story of love helps explain Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias to children. It is now available in : ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN and PORTUGUESE.

Artworks on Dementia

A varied collection to express my experience with my mother’s dementia.

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My Art in the Media

Finding a reason to smile with dementia drove my latest works.